Litigation Management System : 
Litigation management refers to the practices that are put into place by companies to avoid the risk and potential of a lawsuit. This may include taking specific and concrete actions to avoid being sued. Litigation can cost companies crores of rupees thus, taking effective steps to reduce the risk of litigation or to minimize the damage is essential for the organizations.

Often senior management in the organization lack visibility on various litigations across the organization at various Locations. In addition, there could challenges in tracking the hearing dates, assigning of accountability for the same, the expenditure and the loss incurred by the organization due to all these litigations.

The Litigation Management System by Lateral Praxis is a secure access tool that allows a comprehensive overview of all active litigations in the organization along with tracking of primary cases, documents, people and statutes. Driven by event and timeline triggers, this software will keep you informed and alerted no matter which geography or time zone you operate within.

LP-LMS tracks documents (Word, PDF, images or text), people, statutes, legal costs and fees, as well as potential liabilities. The central knowledge base will archive and share all data for historical and predictive usage. A custom database search will instantly allow recall of pertinent data. New data insertion processes are smooth and painless through a context driven updating process. The system helps organizations manage all the Litigations effectively by:

  • Maintaining centralised litigation knowledge-base
  • Timeline and event triggers for escalation
  • Monitors litigation costs & fees
  • Lowers litigation processing costs
  • Tracks people, evidence, issues, research

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