Board Information System : 
Formal meeting of the board of directors of an organization is an important event held at definite intervals. The deliberations of the board meetings must be recorded in the minutes. Under the doctrine of collective responsibility, all directors (even if absent) are bound by its resolutions.

The Board Information System by Lateral Praxis allows the Secretarial department of an organization to conduct paperless meetings at Board & Committee levels. The committees could be:

  • Executive Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Board Committee
  • Board Constituted Committee

  • LP-BIS covers processes like forming the agenda, notes of the meeting, sending the notes and agenda to the members, convening the meeting, recording Minutes of meeting etc.


  • Enables the administrator to initiate the meeting process by sending an email through system to the Directors requesting for their availability on various dates as requested
  • Enables displaying of the calendar for each with the tentative and confirmed meeting dates
  • Upon confirmation, enables the administrator to block common date (date on which all Directors are available) and send intimation to Directors to block the common date through email
  • Enables issuance of the notice of Board / Committee meeting and intimation of having issued notice to Directors through email
  • Enables detailed preparation of the Agenda for Meeting with confirmation on minutes of the previous meetings
  • Allows the Agenda to be circulated in the organization. On submission of the Agenda, a mail is sent to the recipients containing details of Agenda
  • Allows the Secretarial Department Admin to prepare Minutes of the Meeting. Details of the meeting against every point mentioned in the Agenda can be recorded on the system
  • Allows all Attendees and non-Attendees to view Minutes of the Meeting
  • Index of the Meeting conducted along with extensive Search facility enables users to view any of the meeting details on system based on their respective access

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