Lateral Praxis at Krishi Vasant, Feb 2014, Nagpur, Maharashtra

Krishi Vasant – 2014, inaugurated by President, Sh. Pranab Mukherjee on 9th Feb, 2014 was an event with a large congregation of farmers and other stake-holders from the entire country. This mega event was held with CII as a strategic partner and was broadcast through the web at District/Block level and also telecast in various regional languages.

Lateral Praxis too was part of this unique exhibition which facilitated interaction between farmers, scientists and corporates, both as seekers and providers of various agri based products and services. This event gave us an opportunity to showcase LP-Connect, our “last mile” solution to the various Agri customers. We were the only technology company in the fair showcasing our solutions with an aim to bring IT to the Agri domain.

There was a lot of enthusiasm amongst the farmers & agriculture entrepreneurs who visited to view and understand the technology that can be used in the agri and especially the “last mile” domain. Special interest was shown in our dairy automation solution.

We had approximately 1000 visitors which included various types of stakeholders i.e.:

  • Government Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Departments
  • Fisheries department
  • Dairy Owners and Suppliers
  • Business owners having distribution set up through warehouses
  • Small manufacturing companies
  • Milk societies
  • Fruit & vegetable procurement vendors
  • Students & Agriculture scientists
  • Software developers wanting to understand various platforms on which solutions have been built.

Our domain expertise and experience enabled us to connect with the visitors and understand their requirements in detail. Additionally, our solutions are easy to understand and are effective in helping small and medium farmers in addition to big cooperatives and agri companies.

It was probably the first time that everyone witnessed a technology company in an agri exhibition with the main aim of automating the entire domain, whether last mile or inventory management. Thus we generated a lot of enthusiasm. Young farmers and entrepreneurs in the agri field are today looking to incorporate the latest techniques into farming and they showed special interest in the technology which is being used in the LP-Connect solutions.

The exhibition gave us an opportunity to learn more about the requirements and challenges in the agri domain. It has enabled us to reach to a wider audience and we look forward to incorporating these learnings in our solutions.

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Krishi Vasant
Krishi Vasant
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