Lateral Praxis initiates a POC for Direct Benefit Transfer to Farmer for Fertilizer - April, 2016

Lateral Praxis is working with IFFCO in this pilot in the Kurukshetra District of Haryana.

The objective of this project is to provide a robust and scalable system to track “last mile” movement of fertilizer right upto an authenticated sale to the farmer with an aim to present recommendations to the Govt. on the eligibility criteria and techniques & infrastructure required for disbursement of fertilizer subsidy directly to the farmer.

Hence the following are being done as part of the POC

  1. Provision of a user-friendly & robust system to capture data from location directly with the help of POS devices keeping in view the rural environment and the profile of the users.
  2. Collection of detailed Farmer Data to enable setting up of eligibility criteria for DBT.
  3. Provide recommendations to the Government on:
    • Infrastructure required to implement DBT
    • Best techniques of subsidy disbursement without passing the burden onto the farmer
    • Methodology which includes the most under served i.e. small and marginal, tenant farmers etc.

Project Details:

  1. Dispatch to Dealer/ FSC Outlets entered by companies is pushed on to the mobile device automatically.
  2. Sales to Society/ Federations entered by companies is pushed on to the mobile device automatically.
  3. Sales from dealer to retailer entered by the dealer on the mobile device. Data is automatically pushed on to the device of the retailer.
  4. Receipt at each stocking point is recorded on the device to build stock
  5. Retailer enters the sales made to the farmer from the stock built based on the receipts recorded
  6. Farmer data base is being built with the following :
    • Printed forms have been provided which are kept at retailer / society locations
    • Farmer details are collected on the printed form. These details include the Bank Account number, Aadhar number/PAN number/Voter ID number, mobile number etc.
    • The data on the forms is entered in the centralized system by the Lateral Praxis team
  7. Disbursal of a small amount to the farmer would be done with every sale to demonstrate connectivity with the banks and hence ability to transfer money directly to the farmer accounts

Movement being captured is depicted in the graphic below:


Given below are some glimpses of the project:

movement   movement
movement   movement