A Mobile Health Check for Companies

Can consumers and employees engage with the company through the device of their choosing, at a time and place of their determination, and come away from the experience satisfied and having accomplished what they set out to do?

To fully grasp the extent of the challenge, companies should dig more deeply and ask themselves if they can make the following declarations.

About Customers
  • We provide a high-quality customer experience regardless of who the customer is and how he or she decides to experience us. Specifically:
    • We understand the different use cases by device and we focus on the most important features for each, prioritizing the most important information to fit limited screen real estate.
    • We can recognize the customer across multiple platforms.
    • We meet customers' needs regardless of whether they access us through a mobile app or a Web browser.
    • Customers arriving by a search engine are provided with a customized mobile landing page relevant to their query.
  • Our mobile solution customizes the user experience to be as relevant and useful as possible according to the following criteria:
    • Where customers are located and whether they are local residents, regular visitors, or first-timers to this area.
    • The devices they are using and what that tells us about who they are.
    • The content, products, or categories they were interested in the last time they visited us, regardless of whether it was on a mobile device or a PC.
    • The interests of their friends and contacts from social networks.
  • The information we gather facilitates each stage of the customer's journey (research, explore, learn, secure, confirm, purchase, and share), enhancing his or her experience of our brand.
  • We know how to use the data that mobile generates to improve the effectiveness of our marketing and customer service. Specifically:
    • We are able to track customer history and pathways across devices.
    • We regularly update site and app design and product specifications on the basis of those data.
    • We help ensure customers' trust through a transparent approach to handling personal data.
  • We can provide experiences that will delight customers now and in the future as mobile devices become easier to use and more powerful. ?
About Employees
  • Our staff finds it as easy and compelling to use their mobile devices at work as they do in other facets of their lives.
  • Our investments in mobile tools enable collaboration; improve productivity, responsiveness, efficiency, and service quality; and deepen employee engagement.
  • We can immediately put the information employees need in their hands, regardless of where they are.
  • We have adjusted our workforce-competency models to include mobile-related skills.
About Strategy and Organization
  • We have established mobile competencies, from the boardroom to the field.
  • Our growth ambitions capture the increasing value in consumer mobile-related opportunities and translate them into key initiatives and milestones with board-level focus and accountability.
  • We understand the threats to our business from competitors (regardless of whether they play in the same, adjacent, or unrelated business areas) who want to use mobile to disintermediate our business model.
  • The organization has the agility to deliver regular improvements to the mobile experience, to continually conduct tests involving multiple attributes of our sites, and to implement the results.
About Technology and Infrastructure
  • The technical team and the product team can together adjust for the significant differences in mobile technology and ecosystems in different geographic regions.
  • We can transact business with customers on "native" apps sold in third-party app stores, as well as in our own domain through a Web app.
  • We actively track and leverage new capabilities brought to market by various players in the mobile stack, including device manufacturers, mobile network operators, chipset makers, Internet leaders, and content providers.
  • We have the technical capability to succeed in a networking and software-intensive environment.